In July and August 2021, the Digicoljust team has welcomed four job students from the ULB and the VUB to process, organize and digitize the record series produced by the military tribunal of Léopoldville.

Nyala Nauwelaers (VUB), Thijs Costers (VUB), Antonin Lucic (ULB) and Paul De Vos (VUB) have digitized over 27,000 pages. The digital collection covers 1,174 court files (1891-1956) produced by the military court of Léopoldville. Military courts tried Congolese soldiers and Belgian officers for violations of both military and civilian law. The extensive collection of Léopoldville documents the tribunal’s activity both in times of peace and war and over a long period, from the Congo Free State to the Belgian Congo.

The digital – high resolution black and white – scans will be made available through the website of the State Archives during the second phase of the project and linked to the finding aid.